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The Masterpiece
Audio CD (August 17, 1999)

R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta): The Masterpiece

The Masterpiece CD Snoop Dogg (August 17, 1999) More Info | Buy the CD

Geminigirl's Opinion (Philadelphia, PA United States)

Although better than its predecessor (Paid Da Cost to be Da Boss), R & G - The Masterpiece still fails to live up to it's billing. Yes, this is the most consistent piece of work Snoop has produced since his landmark debut, Doggystyle. But something is lacking. The Neptunes produced tracks anchor The Masterpiece. Drop it Like it's Hot's laid back beat allows Snoop to showcase his master flow while Signs (feat. Justin Timberlake?) is actually one of the better songs on this cd. Snoop goes old school gangsta less often but more effectively on standouts The Bidness and Step Yo Game Up (Feat. Lil' Jon). Even DJ Easy Dick makes a return appearance on the interlude WBALLZ. Oh No (Feat. 50 Cent)


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