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No Limit Top Dogg
Audio CD (May 11, 1999)

No Limit Top Dogg

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Trevor Cotton's Opinion (Cornwall, England)

Da Game.... featured No Limit production and loads of appearances by No Limit rappers, and as a result was wack, both have been cut back here. Snoop must have put his foot down and asked to bring in his own producers for No Limit Top Dogg, including of course Dre, for the first time since Doggystyle. There are also less No Limit rappers (any is too many though) featured, but surprisingly few appearances by his old West Coast homies. Anyway best track is easily B*tch Please, which is a classic in any era, Snoop's verses are tight but Xzibit is really the star of this track, as he makes what was really his mainstream breakthrough. My other top tracks are Buck Em, Just Dippin (both Dre produced unsuprisingly), Betta Days, Down 4 my Nig*az and Trust Me. Snoop also displays his impressive storytelling abilities on Snoopafella, where he basically re-tells Cinderella from his perspective. Most of the other tracks are at least good, and the production for the most part is tight, though the album is not without filler (Gangsta Ride, In Love With A Thug).


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