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    The Fifth Element (Superbit Collection) DVDThe Fifth Element (Superbit Collection) DVD : Yep, this would've been a five-star movie except for that radio host dude towards the end. He was funny for about one minute, then I began to wish terribly that he would go away. But don't let that stop you from getting this movie! All other aspects of it are absolutely first-rate! Milla Jovovich is not only stunningly beautiful, but plays her part awesomely well too. As does Bruce Willis. But with Bruce, that's to be expected. You think he'd be boring, playing the same type attitude in every movie of his, but I never tire of his characters. Gary Oldman is his eccentric self here, and it works well. Visually, the film is well done. It is necessarily heavy on special effects, but they are all magnificent and don't get in the way of the story. A very nice and colorful rendition of a futuristic city; and a highly imaginative floating cruise ship with a to-die-for view toward the end. The radio dude (Chris Tucker I think?) is kind of funny, but belongs in a different movie. His part takes more attention than it's worth, but the rest of the movie and actors more than make up for it. Script-wise, it is a good well-rounded sci-fi script. Better than most that are out there, and original. Probably is in my list of top 20 movies of all time. But I have to say that somehow, there are a hundred movies in my top 20 list! (Spotlight Review)

    The Fifth Element (Superbit Collection)-DVD!

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