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    Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within (Special Edition) (2001)Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within DVD : This isn't really a Final Fantasy movie. It's the "Final Fantasy Tactics" of the movie world, where the product itself didn't have much to do with FF, but it used its name anyway. Clearly, Hollywood made this movie (Techinically, it was made in Hawaii, but it was made by people who followed the Hollywood system). The characters are likeable, but they are your typical sci-fi crew - the funny guy, the buff athletic girl, the big beefy black bad-*ss, etc. Nothing really new. The plot is mostly standard (But still more original than many sci-fi flicks - I don't want to give away anything), and there's a good handful of cliches tossed throughout the movie. However, despite those shortcomings, it is still a very enjoyable movie. Jaw-dropping animation + fun action scenes + great voice acting + old-school adventure = fun. It's not really ground-breaking in anyway aside from the animation, but it is fantastic to watch. To me, this is the best "Save the world" movie yet made, even if it isn't new. ...FF fans will be SORELY disappointed (Aside from one character being named Cid, the movie carries on no FF traditions), but if you pretend that its title is simply "The Spirits Within," then you'll probably like it. The DVD is a sweet deal - need I bother to list all of the extras? The second DVD of the set shows how much fun the behind-the-scenes crew can have, and nearly everything on it seems to poke fun at the movie itself, showing that the filmmakers had a great sense of humor. The joke outtakes (In the manner of "Toy Story 2" and "A Bug's Life") are actually funny, and there is a parody of the Michael Jackson "Thriller" music video that is nothing short of hilarious. Definitely a must-have for any worthwhile DVD collection, and I have to say it is on my list of favorite movies. (Review)

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