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    Beowulf (1999) DVDBeowulf (1999) DVD : I rented this movie with the hope that the filmmakers tried to adhere to the original story from the poem. Instead, they have attempted an update that completely falls short. The original plot of the story is far and away the best storyline, with a larger-than-life hero with "the grip of thirty fighting men in his hand", fight scenes against bizarre lake creatures and a battle to the death in an underground lair with Grendal's mother. In an attempt to "modernize" it, however, they have thrown out almost every good story element and ruined any chance of creating an engaging and exciting film, one that faithfully portrays the original story. I would challenge anyone to find any translation of the poem and read it...you will understand my complete dismay once you have. By the way, why do writers and directors (not all of them, mind you) think that for a film to work, a sex element must be present? Sex certainly has it's place in film, to be sure, but it's use in this movie makes no sense whatsoever. In trying to follow the Amazon guidelines, I'll not recount the numerous, numerous "problems" in this movie as they relate to the original story; I'll just end by saying...So many missed opportunities to make a great film from a classic story. The filmmakers missed the mark entirely, in my opinion, and wasted, indoubtedly, several million dollars in the process. (Review).

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