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    A.I. Artificial Intelligence (Widescreen Special Edition) (2001) DVDA.I. Artificial Intelligence DVD : This film is a Masterpiece. I have been a Kubrick fan since I first saw the Old Dave Bowman point to the Monolith and then turn into the StarChild. I get goose bumps when I watch A Clockwork Orange, and I shuttered when I saw Eyes Wide Shut, but not in a good way. So it was with mixed emotions I entered the theater to see this film. The room darkened and the movie started. I sat enthralled for 2 and a half hours. Here was a Vision I didn't think possible, and a film that restored my faith in Kubrick, and gave me new respect for Spielburg ((hey I liked Hook sue me)) The casting in this film is right on, and you identify with David ((Haley Joel Osmant)) from the first frame he enters the screen. I have to say the defining moment of the Movie is the last half hour-45 minutes. It is such a shift that people started to get up to leave, and even I thought the film was over. But then the real message of the film comes across. ((Sorry to say guys the creatured at the end of the film are machines. David's Great great great... grandchildren... figuratively speaking)) This film gave me goose bumps. It restored my faith in two great film makers, that had made some, ((in my opinion)) clinkers. Open your mind, and be ready for the possibility. This is a true Science Fiction film. It asks questions and leaves some of them for you to answer. It was wonderful, it was horrific, it was full of messy human emotions trying to be understood by a boy who didn't have any of his own. Everyone should see this film, if nothing else then to appriciate all the feelings we can feel. (Customer Review)

    A.I. Artificial Intelligence (Widescreen Special Edition) (2001)-DVD!

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