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Music History

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Music history - Today in Music History
History of Country Music: Showcase of Past and Present Artists.. Today in Music History.
Music history - Audio examples.
US musical styles, music history, and instruments.
Music history - Czech Music
A brief history of Czech music, from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. Today in Music History.
Music history - Charts
History, trivia and charts pertaining to the music of the 50s.
Music history - Smithsonian: Musical History
Music at the National Museum of American History.
Music history - History of Country Music
A chronological review of artists and songs from 1920 to 2000. Today in Music History.
Datadragon - This Day in Music History.
Has a daily listing of what happened on this day in history. Includes a search engine and calendar info. This day in Music.
Music history - Public Library
Internet Public Library entry categorizes according to musical period. Today in Music History.
Music history - Musical styles
A resource, charting the periods of musical history through an analysis of their associated styles, composers and instruments.
Music history - Style Periods
Style Periods in Music History: Ancient Greece and Rome.

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