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Music computers

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Introduction to MIDI, Digital Audio, Music Recording, Computer
Learn to use your computer to create music.
Articles on theory of digital audio.
Audio DSP developer for iZotope Inc. Reviews of audio dithering algorithms. Articles on theory of digital audio.
Tim Thompson
MIDI and MP3 compositions, KeyKit algorithmic music software, and interactive web-based music generation toys. Music games.
Design - Music
Design photos from a production of Meredith Willson's 'The Music Man.'
Music Design
You create Web pages easily even if you don't have any technical Web design know-how.
Music Together
Music Together - Music and Movement for Preschoolers.
Music and sound design
Epic Sound provides music and sound design for titles on PC.
The New Music Education
Music Computers and Internet.
Recording Devices. Music
Music Computers.
World Music Central - Web Resources
Customized computers for music and audio use.

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