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buy piano music bookChildren's Songbook
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A delightful large Hardcover book of Children's favourites, with stories about each song. This beautifully illustrated book includes Nursery Rhymes, Disney Muppet songs and many more. Full rich, easy piano arrangements. (Customer review)
buy online the bookWedding Album for the classical pianist
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Robert Schultz has compiled the consummate album of wedding music, designed for the classical pianist. These famous pieces are suited to pre-service wedding selections, but the book will also be most useful for recitals, fine dining establishments, etc. (Customer review)
buy booksHow to Play Piano by
'Ear' : The Art of Playing Without Written Music

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"How To Play Piano By Ear" is really a course, not just a book. It includes a one-hour cassette tape along with the book in which I play and illustrate in sound what the book teaches in print. It also includes three charts: a "Major Chord Locator" chart; a "Chord Prediction Chart"; and a "Melodic Contour Chart", all of which work right along with the book and the cassette.
buy online the bookTreasury of Great Show Tunes - by Ward Cannel, Fred Marx
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This beautiful large Hardcover book features ninety-one Broadway hits arranged in an easy-to-play style. Colorful illustrations, many based on original show posters, along with entertaining stories. Includes George M. Cohen's Give My Regards to Broadway, Jerome Kern's All the Things You Are, Rodgers and Hammerstein's You'll Never Walk Alone, and many others.(Customer review)
buy online the book The Ultimate Broadway Fake Book
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This is a good buy for a pro pianist like me who might get requests for tunes I've never heard of from shows I've never seen. It has three indexes: by tune, by show, and by composers and lyricists. 720 songs from over 240 shows for piano, vocal, guitar, electronic keyboards and all 'C' instruments. (Customer review)
buy online the book The Piano Lesson (Plume Drama)
- by August Wilson

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August Wilson's subtly brilliant work examines the manner in which an African-American family copes with its past. The central character of the play--the piano--is a pictoral history of the family, carved by a woodcarving ancestor from the families slavery days. The fascinating confrontation between Berniece, who cherishes the piano, and Boy Willie, who wishes to sell the piano. (Customer review)
buy online the book Essay on the True Art of Playing Keyboard Instruments
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This an historically significant work worthwhile for a number of reasons--of course--, but I am particularly interested in its treatment of figured bass. Why? Although it was composed after Rameau published his revolutionary theory of root progression, C.P.E. Bach repudiated Rameau's theory, and this work remains untouched by it. Consequently, reading this is the easist way to get a feel for how things stood before Rameau and (ironically for C.P.E. Bach) to appreciate truly Rameau's achievement. (Customer review)
buy online the bookNotes from the Pianist's Bench  - by Boris Berman;
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He talks about the importance of breath (far too rare in piano lessons) and is good on the relation of finger stroke to dynamic level. He offers one fine exercise for voicing of chords and another--a long scale in diminuendo--for finger control.For a pianist with a performing career in Rachmaninoff and Prokofiev, Berman has a surprising amount of respect for the printed scores, and his background in early music comes through several times. (Customer review)
buy online the bookPiano Lessons : Book 1 (Student Piano Library)
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Availability: This title usually ships within 4-6 weeks. Please note that titles occasionally go out of print or publishers run out of stock. We will notify you within 2-3 weeks if we have trouble obtaining this title.
buy online the bookPiano Lessons : Music, Love & True Adventures - by Noah Adams
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In Piano Lessons, Adams conveys the attraction of music, even for those of us who have little experience or talent in producing it. He details the course of a year in his life, a year when he decided to invest in a piano and learn to play it. Adams mainly used self-teaching methods, but also participated in a session with a private teacher and attended a week long music camp. (Customer review)
buy online the bookHow to Play Popular Piano in 10 Easy Lessons
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For the beginner, this book is excellent. I have looked at many piano books when I first began playing, and most of them were usually too complicated, or too simplistic. This book, however, was one that fell right in the middle and helped me understand all kinds of important ideas in music. (Customer review)
buy online the bookPiano  - by David Crombie;
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This photographic history of the piano presents stunning views of over 150 pianos, using these to trace the evolution and history of the instrument and its manufacturers. Piano players and those absorbing the history of the instrument will find these photographic embellishments fine tools for understanding the piano's changing appearance andpurposes. (Customer review)
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