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Elmo's World - Springtime Fun

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Reviewer's Opinion

Elmo's World - Springtime Fun (2002) DVD : I bought animated Disney movies long before I had a daughter to buy them for. This movie is a prime example of why I did. The money I spent on Mulan is the best investment I've made in several years. The music is strong and beautifully done. The characters while drawn in a simple and graceful style are detailed and very memorable. The voice talents were impressive, but it is the caliber of the co-starring and bit player parts that impressed me the most. James Shigeta as Shang's father, Pat Morita as the emperor, and George Takei as the first ancestor were as entertaining for me as Mulan and Mushu themselves. I write for a living and I only wish I had as talented and lucky a cricket to help ME. My daughter watches this movie constantly and I pop in whenever I hear a song coming up. This one will be watched over and over again in our house.


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