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Balto II - Wolf Quest

Balto II - Wolf Quest (2001) DVD. Buy online More Info | Buy the DVD

Reviewer's Opinion

Balto II - Wolf Quest (2002) DVD : This is a wonderful created sequal to the original "Balto". It continues with Balto and Jenna. Jenna has some adorably cute pups in the beginning and has six. One out of six looks like Balto and is part wolf, part Husky. Her name is Alue. When she grows up, Balto finally has the courage to tell her she's part wolf when she asks why a human (hunter) wanted to [get] her. Balto faces many dangers and obstacles as he tries to find Alue who has run away after he told her she is part wolf. Great, realistic animation, cool characters, and nice new music. It's a great family film if you like the first Balto and are a wolf/dog fan!


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