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Atlantis - The Lost Empire

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Reviewer's Opinion

Atlantis - The Lost Empire (2001) DVD : Walt Disney Co. really went in the opposite direction for their 40th Animated Feature Film. "Atlantis: The Lost Empire" is a film with "less songs, more explosions", as the film makers put it. The film features animation that is really different from other animated films from Disney. I did see some references to Anime (mostly all with Kida), but mostly the movie looks like a big comic book come to life. With the DTS 5.1 Surround blasted high, it submerges you into the film, for a great entertainment experience. Another plus for "Atlantis" is it's great 2.35:1 aspect ratio (on Disc 2 a brief comparison is made between full screen and widescreen, whoever has full screen is losing out).


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