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American Legends - Edition (2002)

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Reviewer's Opinion

American Legends (2002) DVD : This collection of Disney animated shorts, based on American folklore, is mainly comprised of 3 previously released featurettes (Johnny Appleseed, Paul Bunyan & Casey Jones), along with a new one (John Henry). All of these shorts are linked by segments hosted by James Earl Jones. The concept of featuring American folklore heroes in a full-length film is a very laudable one, given the tenor of the times since September 11, and the segments are very solid. The "John Henry" section is an excellent stylized piece that tells a moving version of the legend with the Sounds of Blackness providing stirring music in the background. The "Paul Bunyan" short is more in the classic tall-tale vein, while the "Johnny Appleseed" section is more on the sweet side.


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