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    The X-Files - The Complete First Season DVDThe X-Files - The Complete First Season DVD : I have been a fan of The X-Files ever since the third season. What drew me to the show was the cool, creepy environments that Mulder and Scully kept finding themselves in, the gruesome special effects work, and the incredible production values (the writing and camera work are both top-notch.) However, I had completely missed the first two years of the show. Sure, Fox had released some episodes on VHS, but not even half of a season was available. When I got a DVD player, this was the first thing I bought. It is quite expensive, but do the math: an average DVD costs twenty bucks, and usually has at least 2 and a half hours of stuff. This set contains SEVEN discs, with four episodes per disc at 45 minutes each. That's 3 hours per disc, and less than 20 dollars each. Plus, the seventh disc has a ton of cool extra stuff, like all of the TV spots for each episode, plus the deleted Teletubby scene from "Fallen Angel." Bottom line: if you like this show, you need this set. It's just that simple. (Spotlight Review)

    The X-Files - The Complete First Season -DVD!

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