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    The Mummy Ultimate Edition (1999) DVDThe Mummy Ultimate Edition (1999) DVD : one of the things that got me into the mummy series was the mummy returns. At first i kept on saying that the first one "the mummy" was nothing but comedy and silly jokes and the actors and producers were not even serious about the movie, but i only seen the first one once in 1999 when it first came out on video for rent at blockbuster. but one day i told my self since i loved "the mummy returns" so much i said to my self that why not watch the first one again and when i saw it I said to my self that the mummy returns was just another spin off. I mean don't get me wrong. both movies were hott but the mummy returns was missing alot of things that the first one had. #1 it was missing all of the mummy's powers and the effects were better in the mummy returns but not the story line. I mean the scorpion king that which i thought was the tightest character in the movie even though he didn't have that many parts in the movie is really having it's own movie orgin coming to theaters on April 19th this spring. But the scorpion King is a whole nother story and it is like trying to put both movies "The Scorpion King" and "The Mummy" into one movie screwing up the story line. Most people say that "The Mummy Returns" was much better than the first one and I agree with them, they did improve on the character's personality and plus it had more action so if you really like the series even though both of the movies were good I say go with the mummy returns. (Customer Review)

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