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    Mulholland Drive (2001) DVDMulholland Drive (2001) DVD : I'd never seen any David Lynch film before I saw "Mulholland Drive", bar the final twenty minutes of "Wild At Heart" where Willem Dafoe blows his head off and Nicolas Cage wonders through the film with a painfully large broken nose. To be honest, critic appreciation and its winning untold prizes drew me to it; and I am glad to say that for once the critics are right ... "Mulholland Drive" is easily the best film to be released in 2001, a towering achievement in terms of direction, acting, tone, menace, comedy and beauty. The effect it leaves you with afterwards is like that of a potent, lucid dream; and it makes the painfully clear point that Hollywood isn't so great at playing weirdo-parade than the indies are (compare Lynch's tour-de-force to Cameron Crowe's bland "Vanilla Sky" and you'll see what I mean). A lot of people walked out of "Mulholland" totally perplexed and bemused, many saying that the director deliberately made an infuriating mess of a film just to see the critics and arthouse crowds clamour for more 'dangerous' filmmaking without realising how ineffectual it is as a thriller or even a cohesive film. In response to this: 1) if they want an easy-to-follow thriller, they can rent "Ronin" or something; 2) "Mulholland" is not in any way a thriller; 3) people are allowed to read into a film as much as they deem necessary and if it flies over most people's heads, where's the harm in liking it? For me, "Mulholland" crammed everything a great film could be into a tight two-and-a-half hour running time: comedy, romance, tragedy, horror, lesbianism ... the only thing missing, of course, was a monkey. I can't reveal anything about the film's plot / story, other than you can only watch it for yourself to find out what the hell I'm writing about! So, please, do that! (Spotlight Review)

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