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    Interview With the Vampire - DTS DVDInterview With the Vampire - DTS DVD : Interview with the Vampire is one of those movies that you always expect will be worse than it is, simply because of its subject matter. Think of "vampires" and you think: B movies, Frank Langella, Abbott and Costello meets Count Dracula, and "I vahnt to zuck your blud" Bela Lugosi. So immediately, when you learn this film is about vampires, you go, "Gag! This is going to be cheesy." Well, if that is you, perish the thought. IWTV is a well-produced, incredible film of what is one of the most beautifully and most intelligently-written books in the gothic and occult genre. In fact, the movie, along with the novel on which it's based, wrests the entire genre back from the hands of B movies and cheesy books and brings it right back to where it belongs-- in the Bram Stoker/ Mary Shelley vein, which was one part horror and one part deep psychological drama and character portrait. Although, yes, there are the occasional scenes of gore to satisfy those with a bloodlust (no pun intended), there are also wonderful moments of pathos that make up for it. Brad Pitt, as the tormented vampire who spends his eternal life hating himself for who he is, is so heartwrenching, you actually find yourself tearing at scenes when he's filled with sorrow for his and Lestat's victims. Kirsten Dunst is so perfectly cast, it's scarier than the fangs she sports, and Tom Cruise... (Customer Review)

    Interview With the Vampire - DTS-DVD!

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