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The Evil Dead (Book Of The Dead Limited Edition) (1983) DVDBook Of The Dead Limited Edition (1983) DVD

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The Evil Dead DVD : One of, if not the, biggest cult horror film of all time makes it's long awaited debut on DVD...and fans will not be disappointed. Elite Entertianment has brought Sam Raimi's EVIL DEAD to us in an impessive collector's edition with enough extras to make any deadite fan happy. I've seen Evil Dead a number of times on video and I can safely say that i have never seen Evil Dead look this good. The film is presented in it's original full-frame aspect ratio and the print is extremely clean. The most exciting features, however, have to be the disks two audio commentary tracks. One is a very insightful track featuring director Sam Raimi and Producer Rob Tapert. The other track is the real gem of the disk. A seperate audio track featuring star Bruce Campbell. This is one of the most entertaining and funny tracks you will ever come across, as Cambell takes great liberties to make fun of the film, the director, and himself. (Spotlight Reviews)

Hannibal (2001) DVDHannibal DVD

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Hannibal (2001) DVD : "Hannibal" was a solid hit upon its release in February 2001, but, like the "Godfather III," it stood in the shadow of its more superior predecessor. When word got out that "Hannibal" was going to be filmed, expectations were high, and critics gave the movie no love, often comparing it unfairly to the far better "The Silence of the Lambs." But "Hannibal," as a film by itself, is a decent picture, and should be watched with an open mind, flaws and all. Julianne Moore gave a great performance as Clarice Starling, although Anthony Hopkins verged on camp during his revisited role as Hannibal Lecter. Some of the scenes were so outrageously graphic, it was often hard to take them seriously and realize the full horror of Lecter's actions. But for all its shortcomings, "Hannibal" the DVD is a worthy purchase because MGM gave this disc such a deluxe treatment. (Customer Review)

Zombie (1980) DVDZombie (1980) DVD

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Zombie (1980) DVD : A seemingly empty boat arrived in New York City. When the two Coast Guards search the boat, when one of the Coast Guard is murderer by a man, who seems to be dead and the another Coast Guard killed him. When an young woman(Tisa Farrow) discover that the boat is belong to her father. An ambitious reporter(Tom Mc Culloch) goes with her in a island away from the states with the help of a married couple(Al Cliver, Auretta Gay). When a scientest(Richard Johnson) discover the dead are coming back to life and inexplain events of the living dead coming to life by a voodoo magic or something else and the four people are fighting to survived to keep themselves alive. (Review)

The Mummy Ultimate Edition (1999) DVDThe Mummy Ultimate Edition (1999) DVD

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The Mummy Ultimate Edition (1999) DVD : If you're looking for a dainty little mummy with clean white bandages forget it. Egyptologist Evelyn Carnahan (Rachael Wiez) and her greedy brother Jonathan (John Hannah) set of with explorer Rick O,Connell (Brendan Fraser) to find the Egyptain city of Hamunaptara (City of the Dead). There, they find a dead priest named Imhotep. Don't forget people can come back from the dead! (Review)

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