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    Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn (Special Edition) (1987) DVDEvil Dead II: Dead By Dawn (Special Edition) DVD : First off, I would like to say that this movie IS a sequel, and NOT a remake (Bruce Campbell mentioned this in his web site)! The reason why the beginning of this film was kind of similar to what happened in Part 1, was that they wanted to do a re-cap of what happened in the first film. Anyway, this movie continues where the first one left off, where we see Ash alone at the cabin with the Evil presence. Later, a woman (accompanied by three other people) arrives, looking for her parents to get some help translating more pages she found which belongs to the book of the dead. Unlike the first one which was pure horror, this one is horror with a comedic touch. The special effects are excellent (due to the bigger budget)... The zombies now look more terrifying than ever! A lot of fans (especially die-hard horror fans) might disagree with me, but I find this to be the best out of all the Evil Dead trilogy. I strongly recommend this film. (Spotlight Review)

    Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn (Special Edition)-DVD!

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