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    Don't Say a Word (2001) DVDDon't Say a Word (2001) DVD : The opening bank robbery double cross scene of the movie is promising enough but unfortunately it's all downhill from there really. To say that the basic premise of the movie is pretty ridiculous and implausible is to understate. Dr Nathan Conrad an eminent psychiatrist is called in to help a clearly psychotic and uncommunicative patient, Elisabeth Burrows (Brittany Murphy), only to wake the next day to find that his daughter has been kidnapped by, the recently released from a ten year stretch in pokey, Patrick Koster (Sean Bean) and his bad boys. Apparently locked inside Burrows clearly loony head is a six digit code that will reveal the location of a $10 million diamond and in order to get his daughter back Dr Conrad has until 5 pm to retrieve the code. Yeah, like in reality that would be possible! (Spotlight Review)

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