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    Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Complete First Season DVDBuffy the Vampire Slayer - The Complete First Season DVD : I don't know if I'm just one of those completely over-the-top "Buffy" fans, but this purchase made me more happy than words can say. Is it Sarah Michelle Gellar looking fresh-faced and flippant? Perhaps it's Alyson Hannigans' incredibly endearing dorkiness. Xanders' wacky antics? I think it's the genuine nostaglia. though I ,of course, love the dark, scary and sexy turns "Buffy" and the Scoobies have taken, I enjoy each phase for what it offers us as fans (except anything to do with Riley). This is the pure exhilirating excitment of knowing what is to come but feeling as if I am seeing the show and characters for the first time. Some people complained about there not being enough face-time from the cast, hopefully they'll get it together for the June 2002 release of Season Two. (Customer Review)

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