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   10.0 x 23.0 x 17.0 inches,
2 AAA batteries required.
Toshiba 15DLV76 15" LCD TV/DVD

Toshiba 15DLV76 15"

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Product Description
The Toshiba 15DLV76 15" LCD TV/DVD player combines a full-featured DVD Player and a stereo TV in one convenient, compact design. It's size and features make it ideal for bedrooms, dorms, and other personal spaces.

The Value of LCD TVs
Aside from their obvious aesthetic value, LCD TVs are much more practical in the home than CRT (tube-style) televisions. They take up a smaller footprint, and thus use up less floor space in the room. Without all of the extra component and tube, LCD TVs are lighter and easier to move around when cleaning or redecorating. The 15DLV76 is only 14 inches deep and weighs less than 13 pounds. Best of all, LCD screens use less power than CRTs and plasma screens.

Full-Featured DVD Player
The 15DLV76 includes an integrated DVD player compatible with several disc formats: DVD Video, CD-R, CD-RW, VCD and DVD-R. One interesting feature of this player is digital picture zoom, which allows you to select and magnify an area of either freeze-frame or motion video. An ideal use for this feature is to zoom past black bars in letterbox films. Want to bring your photos out of the office and into the TV room? Simply move your JPEG photos onto a CD-R or CD-RW disc and the 15DLV76 will provide you access to a slide show of your images with a few clicks on the player's remote control. This set is also DivX Home Theater Certified, which means it display popular Internet video formats that have been burned onto a CD, such as DivX, AVI, and MPEG4.

The 15DLV76 features front stereo speakers and a headphones port for private listening. For home theater audio hookups, the unit provides coaxial Dolby Digital and dts surround sound output. The 15DLV76 also plays MP3 and WMA files recorded to compatible disc media.

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Customer Reviews

Yes there were some less expensive 15" LCD's with DVD out there, but after checking numerous web sites and reviews, Toshiba came out on top. I would have to agree with the reviews. My wife and I purchased this for our 19 yr. old daughter. We are all quite impressed with the quality of the picture and sound. Easy to operate. I simply hooked up the cable wire and turned it on. DVD works quite well. No adjustments needed. Light weight. The remote is easy to use. May get another, larger Toshiba LCD/DVD for our bedroom.

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Toshiba 15DLV76 15" LCD TV/DVD

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