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Dinosaur DVDDinosaur (2000) DVD

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Dinosaur DVD : Obviously, the animation is great, as are the backgrounds. I didn't even realize this movie is rated PG until I read it in someone else's review. I suppose the carnotaurs are a bit scary, but my 2-year-old (good-natured, non-violent) son doesn't seem to think so. There is a meteor that crashes to earth near the beginning of the movie. Surprisingly enough, that's the part my son found scary. I think he doesn't like the dark and gloomy backgrounds, and he can tell the main character is in trouble, which bothered him a bit the first few times he watched the movie. The plot is simple, but isn't it supposed to be?! This IS a kids' movie, after all. (Spotlight Reviews)

The Emperor's New Groove (2000) DVDThe Emperor's New Groove (2000) DVD
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The Emperor's New Groove (2000) DVD : A real grear disney adventure that goes right beside the other ones,not just the adventures of tom and jerry or somtin'.When i watched it,i laughed so hard,fell off my seat and rolled with my face as red as a tomato!Now,sure most disney movies have that"magic"touch...You know,the sappy love stories,most animals or humans parents dying and a song like every 2 seconds.But i think that disney thought there movies were TOO predictible,but that all changed.I wish i had the DVD with all the extras but i don't even have a DVD player:(But if you want a cartoon comedy,get this and it will be worth your money! (Customer Review)
Dumbo (60th Anniversary Edition) (1941) DVDDumbo DVD

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Dumbo DVD : I'm so glad Disney is releasing their classics on DVD. "Dumbo" is one of them. My favorite extras on this DVD include the "Celebrating Dumbo" featurette, two Silly Symphony animated shorts "Elmer Elephant" and "The Flying Mouse", and best of all, a commentary by animation historian John Canemaker. He gives a great amount of information about the voice actors and animators. I recommend this DVD for Disney fans. (Review)

Peter Pan (Special Edition) (1953) DVDPeter Pan DVD

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Peter Pan (Special Edition) (1953) DVD : I can't add anything to the praise for this film. If you love Disney films, this is considered one of the classics. I just wish to briefly comment on the criticism of the lack of a widescreen version. The first widescreen film, The King and I, was released in 1956. Previous to this all films were full screen... Do a little research and you could be content to enjoy these classics in the aspect ratio they were orginally presented in. Thats all I wish to say. (Review)

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