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    An Extremely Goofy Movie (2000) DVDAn Extremely Goofy Movie DVD : If you're looking for great action, plot, classic Disney-esqe animation and situations, and a great villian, then surely rent (or even better buy) this movie!!! I've been watching animation for a while, and this has to be one of my favortie Disney movies so far. Although I wasn't too anxious for it's release (considering Disney was squirting out sequels like mad at the time), I found it very entertaining with great morals without sacrificing the entertainment. You still have your classic Goofy slapstick for the younger viewers, real life conflicts, and some stuff only the adults will get; so it's a win-win for everyone. The animation was also quite good, for a sequel anyway. In relation to the first Goofy movie, this one might appeal more to the older audiences in the sence there are less out-there humorous situations, and more down-to-earth events with the college. I also found the college backdrop to be quite enriching to the story, and the skateboarding theme was good, both of which have never been seen in Disney before. Oh, and the 'villian team who cheats like crazy' maybe a tad predictable, but let me just say Bradley Uppercrust the Third is by far one of the best villians I have ever seen. Amoung one of the many new characters, he is the college hero (a real ladies man) and therefore is not a stereotypical evil Disney villian (trust me, you'll come to love his evil grin too). (Customer Review)

    An Extremely Goofy Movie (2000)-DVD!

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