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    Antz (1998) DVD Antz (1998) DVD : When a Depressed Ant named Z(Voiced by Woody Allen) has fallen in Love with the Princess (Voiced by Sharon Stone) but when a dangerous double crossing General(Voiced by Gene Hackman) wants to start a new colony and destorying the rest of the Ants. Directed by Eric Darnell and Tim Johnson. This film has a Great Supporting Cast-Including:Sylvester Stallone, Jennifer Lopez, Christopher Walken, Danny Glover, Paul Mazursky, John Mahoney, Grant Shaud, Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin. One of the Biggest Hits of 1998. Computer Generated Imagery(CGI) is Superb. Produced by the same studio-Dreamworks(They Produced):The Box Office Smash CGI Film-Shrek. Written by Todd Alcott, Chris Weitz and Paul Weitz. Chris and Paul Weitz Produced the American Pie Films. Grade:A. (Spotlight Review)


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