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    A Bug's Life (1998) DVD A Bug's Life (1998) DVD : A Bug's life is a well-written, well-directed, well-performed, and all around beautiful film. I found myself laughing out loud at several of it's visual gags as well as clever scripting. And, almost needless to say, it was visually stunning. Animation-wise, well... it's Disney. Of course it's a wonderful product. Disney has done it again. And as for the criticism of the film's "over-anthropromorphism and gross simplicity"? Ridiculous. A Bug's Life does nothing to discourage diversity by making the ants and other insects "walk upright". On the contrary, it's quite encouraging of diversity, as the film's content evidences throughout. The thought that the movie narrows the mind of children toward diversity is just hype and paranoia. Trust me. All in all, a great movie and a great buy for yourself and your kids. It's definitely a treat for any audience. (Spotlight Review)


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