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    The Curse of the Jade Scorpion DVD (2001)The Curse of the Jade Scorpion DVD : All these self-appointed Woody Allen experts who long for the brilliance of Woody's introspective era of film making are missing the point. WAKE UP! He stopped making those movies 15 years ago! What Jade Scorpion IS is FUNNY! It's wall-to-wall classic Woody Allen one-liners. This is NOT "a very bad movie" as one other critic here suggests. It's a very funny way to spend 90 minutes. This has infinitely better jokes than any of the other crap coming out of Hollywood and the jokes AREN'T based on bodily functions! In the pacekd house I saw it in, also a sneak preview, EVERYONE was laughing hard and loud throughout and buzzing when it was over. There are a couple points where the action meanders, but the one-liners that follow make you forget them. While I think Helen Hunt is a little stiff, Woody is at his joke-telling best. Noone can deliver the jokes like he can (which is why, I imagine he continues to play the leading man roles in his films instead of letting someone else butcher them, ie "Celebrity"). The secondary characters are all adequate and as usual, fit the look and feel of the film to a tee! Overall, not his best movie of the past ten years, but certainly as funny as anything he's put out in some time. Hmm...let's see, American Pie 2, Scary Movei 2, Rush Hour 2...umm...I'll take a slightly above average Woody Allen film, please!!! (Spotlight Reviews).

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