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    O Brother, Where Art Thou? DVDO Brother, Where Art Thou? DVD : I am totally shocked now that your telling me that the same guys who did Raising Arizona did this film? This film has really no mission like another reviewer pointed out what is that strange cult like group moving through the forest? I got so lost while viewing this film it was slow, boring, stupit, and worst of all the movie was like a stale pretzel! Not only that the acting was terrible in it and not to mention very annoying. Please enough of this O Brother stuff I have seen the movie it stunk! I have heard the soundtrack that was worse than feeling sick which to this day I will never know why the hype on that was so amazing on that boring music. CMT has devoted a week to honoring this movie and this kind of old stiff music. I really do not think a soundtrack or a really bad movie could get any more annoying! It is always the worst movies and worst soundtracks that get the coverage Why? O Brother Where art thou is stiff, Boring, Uncool, Unhip, and only thing it has going for it is George Clooney! (Spotlight Review)

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