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   Number of Discs: 1
Label: RCA
A Thousand Different Ways
Audio CD (September 19, 2006)

A Thousand Different Ways
CD-single, Import   Clay Aiken

A Thousand Different Ways CD Clay Aiken (September 19, 2006) More Info | Buy the CD

sbrozo (Michigan)

I hope hearing this is a mostly cover album does not scare off anybody. Clay does sing other artists' hits, however Clay puts a new take on them that makes them feel like brand new songs. I will admit, I am biased towards Clay. I like his singing voice more than any other singer out there, and then with all his charity work and working with kids; I really care for his career. However, I do not be biased towards Clay's songs. First and foremost I like Clay because of his singing. So I want to judge each song based on how I like it. Just like any other favorite artist of mine, if I do not like a song Clay sings, I will definitely admit it. However, I can honestly say I have never heard a Clay song I have not liked. My first listen on this album, I thought that record might be broken. However, after listening to this album many, many times; I can definitely say I enjoy EVERY song. When you prepare to listen to this album, try to get the other versions out of your mind. Clay will do them different, and in most cases...BETTER!

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