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Label: Vireo Records
You're Telling Me
Audio CD (March 17, 1995)

You're Telling Me
Label: Vireo Records   Bobby Valentino

You're Telling Me CD Bobby Valentino (March 17, 1995) More Info | Buy the CD

"irlandrewebel2"(Liverpool, Merseyside United Kingdom)

Bobby Valentino Looks like Clark Gable,Sings like Mike Halliday (or Bing Crosby take your pick) and plays Violin like Stefan Grapelli (well not that good but you get the picture). Along the way he makes very sweet music that will appeal to more discerning listeners who are not just locked into the current big thing. This music is not world changing nor is it ground breaking but it is very melodic and lots of fun. Love Krissy Valentino

"richard11808" (Hove, Sussex United Kingdom)

A lounge lizard Cowboy who looks like Clarke Gable? Yep and sounds like him too. Great fun cross between crooning and country that Ive been trying to track down for years. Thanks Amazon


You're Telling Me

1. Guaran-Damn-Lee
2. No Smoke Without Fire
3. Sweet Temptation
4. You'll Be Sorry
5. The Man Who Invented Jazz
6. Every Now And Then
7. Fancy Meeting You Here
8. Just Good Friends
9. A Way With Women
10. Pink City Boogie
11. Break For The Border
12. I Made My Excuses And Stayed
13. Expected In Texas
14. Morse Code

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