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Format: CD-single, Import
Tell Me
Audio CD (October 18, 2005)

Tell Me
CD-single, Import   Bobby Valentino

Tell Me CD Bobby Valentino (October 18, 2005) More Info | Buy the CD

Kristine Valentino "Bobby's girl"

I am a huge fan and i love Bobby Valentino. He is sexy and hot and has a cute voice. I already bought the album Bobby Valentino and i just got this import. Basically it only has two of his hits, "Tell me" which i love (i know how i got my ass in my jeans) and "Slow Down" i loved that one too. If you liked those songs, you'd probably like this CD. This isn't the actual album-- just so you know, but it is good for that moment you need a good slow dance, ass shakin' song. Bobby, keep doing your thang. I'm eleven years old and i am in love with this hunk of chocolate. I LOVE YOU AND I'M GOING TO MEET YOU 1DAY !!!!!! Love Krissy Valentino

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Here we see Bobby moving from the slow thumping single of "Slowdown" to the clubs with this sentuous but well done single. I must admit that I really like his style of music. It has a Chinese feel to it with the background effects. If not to mention that the album version was already so good. This single is also backed by three other different versions which spice up the song. Making it a good song to listen to and groove to at the same time. Well done Bobby!


CD-single: Tell Me

1. Tell Me
2. Slow Down [PHS Reggaeton Mix]
3. Slow Down [Jr Blender Reggae Mix]
4. Slow Down [Biggerstaff Reggae Mix]

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