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Special Occasion
Audio CD (May 7, 2007)

Special Occasion

Special Occasion CD Bobby Valentino (May 7, 2007) More Info | Buy the CD

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Bobby Valentino is now working on his highly anticipated sophomore album, appropriately titled, "Special Occasion"...It was April 3, 2007. He continued to record and stay in the midst of the Atlanta recording scene. And when the timing was right Ludacris and Chaka Zulu, the President of Disturbing Tha Peace Records, who were both always impressed by Bobby's vocal ability and work ethic, offered him a deal.

Bobby's debut album sold over 700,000 copies! Bobby Valentino new CD!

Bobby says:

"A lot of people congratulate me on all of my success, I am appreciative, but I feel that I haven't done nothing yet, I have just scratched the surface. I'm going to continue to work hard to grow as an artist and to make music that people will love not only today but 20 years done the road as well. Bobby Valentino new CD"


1. Intro
2. Anonymous - Timbaland, Bobby Valentino
3. Checkin' for Me
4. Special Occasion (Interlude)
5. Rearview (Ridin') - Ludacris, Bobby Valentino
6. If I Had My Way
7. How 'Bout It
8. Turn the Page
9. Home Is Where You Belong
10. Let Him Go
11. Only Human
12. Can't Wait 'Til Later
13. I Was Wrong
14. Soon as I Get Home
15. Over & Over
16. Right There (Thank You)

Bobby Valentino new CD. Bobby Valentino discography..
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