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Roll With It Lyrics

Roll with it
Roll with it (3x) oh yeah
You've got to

If you ever feel,
like no one cares
When you try your best
But you're gettin' nowhere
Don't you give in
'Cuz the time will come again, hey

When they criticize
Every move you make
And you've had as much
As you're gonna take
Don't you worry
Someday now things,
will change, ooh

And when it seems
There's no, nobody
Understands, young man (understands)
Oh don't you let your head hang down
You're movin' just, to complain
You've got to

Roll with it
That's what you gotta do
Roll with it (hey yeah)
Roll with it (oh yeah)
You've got to
Roll with it
That is what you gotta do
Roll with it
Just roll with it
Roll with it (You've got to roll with it)

Just roll with it
Everything will be fine
Just roll with it
It's gonna be allright
Just roll with it
Don't put yourself down

If you just can't find
Someone to trust
When you give your heart
But you don't get much
Don't you worry
Your time is gonna come ooooooh

The whole world a school
So much to learn
So learn it well, young man
Though the world's a stage
Some act of fools
No woman understands
You've go to


Just roll with it (Roll)
That's what you gotta do
Just roll with it
Backstreet's say
Roll with it
Come on now
Just roll with it


All the fella's roll
All the ladies roll
Everybody roll
You've got to
Just roll
Just roll with it
You've got to (3x)

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