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Shadow Skill DVDThe anime is a fantasy meets martial arts type storyline. Elle is the master of the "SHADOW SKILL" (also, her nickname) which is a fighting style that female slaves learned with their feet because their arms were chained. Along the way she is joined by several friends, one is a young man named Gau who learns from Elle. The action is fast paced and has its share of humor but it also has its fare share of violence and a lot of blood. As for the series, "SHADOW SKILL" is an interesting one because it consists of an OAV series and TV episodes. The DVD features three OAV's combined to make one movie and the epilogue features two episodes from what I believe is from the TV series. You'll see a noticeable difference between the OAV and the TV episodes (and like most anime, most of the time the anime TV series and the OAV series are different). The OAV features the adventures of Elle and friends and the epilogue spotlights on Elle and Gau and the relationship between teacher and the stubborn student. The DVD quality is very nice and the audio sounds good via Digital 5.1 but I preferred to watch the Japanese audio track (2 CH) with English subtitles. From what I have heard from the English track, the voice acting was far off from the Japanese version and it wasn't in the same quality compared to other Manga Entertainment dubs. As for special features, there is a character info. and photo gallery from the series. Also, a trailer and Palm/Manga Entertainment trailers are included. All in all, "SHADOW SKILL" is a very entertaining anime. Despite it's hentai looking DVD cover, this anime is anything but. Think about it like Slayers, Bastard and a twist of Street Fighter. One can only hope that Manga Entertainment releases the TV series on DVD. If you are into fighting and fantasy type anime, you may want to check out "SHADOW SKILL", you won't be disappointed. (Editorial Reviews).

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