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    Princess Mononoke DVDAs I watch the DVD for the millionth time, I remember just how much I love this movie. Over the years I've hated how saccarine and sappy feature cartoons have become in America. I guess part of it's due to culture; people have a hard time believing that something animated could have meaning, depth, and not be for the entertainment of three year olds. Thank goodness for Japanese animation! I'm NOT a fan of the dubbed version of the movie (or of any anime). Having watched the subtitled AND dubbed version, I find that even the script of the Japanese version is superior. The American version seem to be a "dumbed down" version. Example dialogue - American version: Is this soup or donkey piss? Japanese version: This soup tastes like hot water. Arrrgh!! Talk about taking liberties in translation. I won't go further into the details, rent/buy the DVD and see for yourself. The voice actors in the dubbed version just don't have the depth and range of the Japanese voice actors. The plot follows a general man vs. nature plot that Miyazaki is fond of portraying in his movies. For an animated movie that doesn't have dancing/singing/cutesy animals(quite the opposite!^_^) and a wonderful story, watch Mononoke Hime! (Editorial Reviews).

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