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Pilot Candidate - The Academy (Vol. 1) (2001)Let me start off by saying that this is NOT subtitled, it's "dub-titled". This means that they wrote sub-titles for the English dub, not the Japanese language. So what you get is lines that appear early (and really aren't properly translated... ask anyone who knows what 'kso' means in Japanese...), or they appear late, or, annoyingly enough, they pop up for no reason at all, which tells me that for some reason the English director decided to add lines. In my opinion this makes for a very confusing and annoying viewing. The story is decent, with the main character being a candidate to pilot a "goddess". Goddesses are giant robots that only certain people can fly, only certain people can repair, and they fight off an enemy called Victims. It just so happens that the main character accidently begins pilotting one of the godesses before his training has even begun, which causes all kinds of problems for the current pilot. The animation is pretty high quality. I'm not a huge fan of CG and "cell" animation mixing together (usually because it's REALLY obvious). Well, it's just as obvious in this, except that they try to texture and shade the 3D images using normal cartoon colors and shades. It works really well, but they still stand out. (Editorial Reviews).

Pilot Candidate - The Academy (Vol. 1) (2001) -DVD!

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