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Perfect BlueHands down "Perfect Blue" is the greatest Anime film I have ever seen. Roger Corman describes it as a merger between Walt Disney and Alfred Hitchcock. I see it as a merger between Walt Disney and David Lynch, who did such odd films as "Blue Velvet" and "Lost Highway." Infact Perfect Blue looks exactly like an animated "Mulholland Drive," which is Lynch's latest work. I won't give away any of the story, because everything in it is key. "Perfect Blue" steps away from the action scene which most Anime films focus on, and delivers a compelling, thrilling story that I have never encountered in animation before. The only reason I gave "Perfect Blue" 4.9 stars is because the ending song, which is the last audio impression you hear, it doesn't fit the film at all. The music during "Perfect Blue" is a chilling voice over music score. It fits the suspense of the film extremely well. But when the film ends, I felt like I had just watched an episode of "Sailor Moon!" One could argue the music fits because of a couple of reasons, all which I may agree on. But the suspense of the film was so great during it, I felt that they should have left you with a feeling of suspense. The chilling music during the film would have fit perfectly at the end, but it's just a small, minor detail only a critic like I would even care about. Overall "Perfect Blue" is the best Anime film out there, and what can I say, "Perfect Blue" is near "Perfect." (Editorial Reviews).

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