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Now and Then, Here and There - Discord and Doom (Vol. 1)I've watched the whole series a few months ago when it first aired on cable. I have to say that no matter how many times it was replayed, I never got sick of watching it. The simplicity of this series is something that shouldn't fool you to think that it is lame or boring; it doesn't have any cute or cool flashy characters, swordfights, magic spells, romance and comedy. The characters are simple in appearance yet their emotions give them plenty of personality, to the point that you begin to feel for them as the story progresses. The plot is beautifully written and makes the quite lacking animation seem fluid. Even if the show seems to have designs similar to old classic cartoons, this show is definitely not for children, as it shows quite an amount of violence and touches topics such as killing, torture and even rape. The series is short and the whole story leaves you wondering in the end; and that is what makes it special. (Editorial Reviews).

Now and Then, Here and There - Discord and Doom (Vol. 1)-DVD!

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