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Cowboy Bebop - Session 2 DVDDVD : Cowboy Bebop portrays a finely polished set of stories displaying some of the finest talent in anime as well as the most progressive film style to emerge in animation worldwide in the late twentieth century. It never degrades into tired old anime cliche which clears the stale air of rehashed plots, pretentious visual symbols and clunky mecha designs with a breath of visual fresh air via uniquely thoughtful, imaginitive effort. The dub is really good! Perhaps the one disappointment is Ed's english voice actress who just never accomplishes the range or espression of the original Japanese actress whose portrayal is extremely charming even without subtitles for explaination. One could viably argue the stories become slow at times, but one could also be labeled 'attentively deficit'. Bebop will always give the viewer a sizable bone wether it is a fantastic soundtrack, slick action sequences, buckets of blood, gun play, space ship battles, heartbreak, humor, silliness, intrigue, mecha, sex, style, or expressive poses which tell stronger stories then all words could muster. Beautiful, dangerous and challenging: Bebop is a must for any one with pulse and breath. (Spotlight Review)

Cowboy Bebop - Session 2-DVD!

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