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Boogiepop Phantom - Boxed Set DVDIf you didn't like 'Serial Experiments Lain', I asume you'd back off reading I will compare these two. However, Boogiepop Phantom ("Boogiepop wa warawanai" in it's original japanese release) is so much more and in many ways also very different. The likeness to Lain inherits from the choice of subject which is pretty mature (even though Lain wasn't based on written short stories like BP) and the *tone* and feel of the series. Boogiepop makes you think. You _will_ watch the first four episodes over and over again. You simply have to till you get the connections between them. In short, all 12 eps take place at the same time, but you as the viewer take part of these events as seen from different angles. The subject is pretty 'adult' in ways and there are strong and uncomfortable scenes that can be pretty shocking. Even so, they are never out of place and the story would not benefit from their removal or alteration. The music and 'sound' of this series is a chapter of it's own. Since basically all dialogue is put through different filters, the sound setting adds a lot to the tension and suspense in each scene. The music there is (it's very much integrated in this 'sound setting') is basically drum'n bass and the opening/ending themes are great. I cannot recommend this series enough. Once you pick it up you will understand why, and I REALLY recommend you view the first four eps before deciding your opinion about this show. For the reader's reference I'd like to point out that I have based my review on the Japanese DVD-release. (Editorial Reviews).

Boogiepop Phantom - Boxed Set-DVD!

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