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Two Can Play That Game DVDTwo Can Play That Game DVD : See, that's the problem with the sexes today. Everybody wants to control the other. Now, here you have a woman who saw her man and another woman in the club dancing(after He said he would be working late), and this girl got this brother alternating from calling her often to going out his mind. What happened to sitting down and setting it straight?? I liked this movie, but between all these head games that Vivica A. Fox and Anthony Anderson was doing, chile, you would have thought they were corporate merger headhunters, not playing in the delicate game of love, and what did she accomplish?? Almost loosing ol' boy to a high class skeezer. This is too,too much. Folks need to come correct here. Now, what is the benefit of all those rules when you don't have no one to be with at the end of those 10 days???? Where was your purpose then? Now, I don't date, and maybe that may one of the reasons, but we put ourselves under too much darn stress over each other. Get real and get straight. Life is too darn short. (Review)

Two Can Play That Game-DVD!

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