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Sheba, Baby DVDSheba, Baby DVD : Let's face it, nothing much comes close to Coffey, but if you like Pam Grier, chances are you'll enjoy this one. It's a good old funky shoot out flick that we love Pam for. There's NO nudity, but she looks great in that blue wetsuit. She's a private eye out for revenge after gangsters shootup her dad and his business. Pam hits the streets 'Sheba style' getting information from low life street scum, one who runs a travelling pawn shop out of the back of his car. The 'catfight' on the yacht is too short and frankly uninteresting. The big gun fight at the end on yachts and power boats is cool, but has one case of bad editing. Watch for a white guy with long brown hair and a mustasche wearing white pants and a blue shirt. First he gets shot in the chest and falls overboard. Thirty seconds later the same guy (uninjured and dry) is back on the boat and gets shot in the leg. Pam finishes of 'Shark' with a spear gun to the back. Pam looks great as always, but the big fro and shotgun are missing. (Customer Review)

Sheba, Baby-DVD!

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