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Rush Hour DVDRush Hour DVD : More important than the thematic stuff is that 'Rush Hour' is a very rare thing in contemporary Hollywood: a fast and funny comedy thriller. The partnership between loud-mouthed, slightly bent Chris Tucker, and humorous but disciplined Jackie Chan is sheer pleasure, at once relaxed and intense. The dialogue has more than its fair share of classic wisecracks. But best of all, in this age of hamfisted advertising graduates and jaded hacks, is that Brett Ratner knows how to direct and pace an action movie, helped immeasurably by the maestro of slick soundtracks, Lalo Schifrin. Chan may be moving down a gear for his American audience, but his body's flexibility is a wonder. Pauline Kael once compared Bruce Lee to Fred Astaire: Chan must be Gene Kelly, his inventive use of props for dazzling choreographic effect (see in particular the climactic business with a millenia-ancient vase) is at once physical, weightless and always witty. It's a shame, however, that it is as custodians of old pottery that the People's Republic of China are represented in the film, and not custodians of, ahem, human rights. (Spotlight Review)

Rush Hour - New Line Platinum Series(1998)-DVD!

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