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Roots DVDRoots DVD : I had been anxiously waiting for the DVD release of this wonderful Television Miniseries since I started collecting DVDs. Well, it finally happened and looked forward to seeing once again after 25 years one of the top made for television films made. As I started to watch Disc 1, I noticed that the English subtitles would randomly appear and disappear as the movie progressed. Needless to say, this put a dent on my viewing so I decided to restart the movie again, as I could NOT get rid of the subtitles, either through the remote control or DVD "set-up" menu settings. I repeated this several times but the subtitles kept popping up. At this point my desire to keep watching rapidly declined. I tried it on another player, and yes, same problem, with the subtitles appearing and disappearing at the same points on both machines. I own over 100 DVDs and had never seen this problem before, so I decided to exchange it for another one. Well, guess what? Same exact problem with the replacement disc! I don't know the technical reason why it happens, and I know it's not the players' problem, so at this point I will be returning the DVD for a refund as this is obviously a pressing problem. Warner Video needs to look into it, and rectify the situation. Other than that, I look forward to one day actually watching "Roots" in it's entirety, at which time I will be happy to let you know my overall opinion of the DVD. (Review)


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