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Lady Day - The Many Faces of Billie Holiday DVDLady Day - The Many Faces of Billie Holiday DVD : This video would be worth the money if only for the inclusion of that legendary performance of "Fine And Mellow" for the Sound Of Jazz t.v. special -- probably THE most transcendent moment in music history! The commentary by Milt Gabler during this scene ("They were all champions . . . and SHE was a champion!") and by Billie's former colleagues and admirers throughout this video are distinguished by their intelligence and warmth. For example, the precious and aged Buck Clayton describing his trumpeting behind Billie as simply "filling up the windows". And the insights of the late, great and utterly dignified Carmen McRae are particularly invaluable. I cried more than a few times watching this beautiful documentary and recommend it highly. It's all we have on Billie, and God knows how we need her. (Editorial Review)

Lady Day - The Many Faces of Billie Holiday-DVD!

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