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Kingdom Come DVDKingdom Come DVD : For a comedy this one feels awfully glum; perhaps this is because it's about a funeral, but one gets the impression that it wasn't intended to be so dry. Whoopi Goldberg plays the matriarch of an extended family whose members turn inside out when their "Mean and Surly" grandfather dies, leaving two sons (LL Cool J, Anthony Anderson) to deal with the problems that have divided them for too many years. Viveca Fox (in a surprisingly disappointing performance) and Jada Pinkett Smith (who tries to be charming but ends up going over the top with her role) play their wives. The film's best moments come from the very funny Loretta Devine as the ultra religious and highly exasperated aunt whose dresses always match her Bible; she comes as close as possible to giving this film some good rhythm. Other than that, the film has no real moments of tenderness, no exposition of character depth, nor much payoff in the end. Considering it is Goldberg's first major role in almost four years, one would hope the writers would have given something meatier to work with. (Editorial Review)

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