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Glory (Special Edition) DVDGlory DVD : Recently, I rented Glory on DVD. I had seen the movie before and I loved it. This DVD only made me appreciate more and I'm glad I rented it. Matthew Broderick gives an excellent portrayal of Colonel Robert Gould Shaw, who is selected to lead the 54th Massachusetts Regiment, the first all black regiment of the Civil War. He not only has to fight for respect for his men, but also for his own respect. Cary Elwes is Shaw's brother, who is picked to help lead the 54th. Among the soldiers is Denzel Washington, in an Academy Award Winning Performance and Morgan Freeman. Washington, in the beginning of the movie, has no respect for the White man and hates him. But at the end, he gets rid of his hatred. That's what I think the film's final image represents: the unity of the black and white man as one. Shaw also gains the respect of his men when they charge Fort Wagner. (Editorial Review)

Glory (Special Edition)-DVD!

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