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The Dirty Harry Collection DVDThe Dirty Harry Collection DVD : Dirty Harry is without a doubt one the most famous characters ever to be portrayed by Clint Eastwood. It was almost like seeing the man with no name being given a badge in modern times. The first film is arguably the best, for a great deal of reasons. First you have a great villain: Scorpio..completely off his rocker, who's vile and deadly..somebody you want Harry to show no mercy to. Plus this is the only film that ever gives any real insight to who Harry is and why he's become this sort of rogue cop with a vengeance. One of my favorite scenes is when he's talking to his dead partner's wife as he reveals a bit of himself to her. It's a poignant moment we never really ever see again in the Harry character. But the movie succeeds in keeping our eyes glued to the picture because we want Harry to track down Scorpio and save the girl he's kidnapped just as much as Harry does! The final scenerio on a bus is very good. A modern day classic at its best! The other Dirty Harry movies are not as clever as the first film, and by saying that I mean that they're still good movies, but the 1st film is more superior. "Magnum Force" deals with the story of cops who take the law into their own hands (including a young Robert Urich), going a step beyond what even Harry does, thinking he'll join them. "The Enforcer" give a unique twist of pairing Harry with a female partner, played well by Tyne Daly (which is why I think she later ended up on the TV series "Cagney & Lacey"). My personal favorite of the Harry films next to the original has got to be "Sudden Impact", which was also directed by Clint Eastwood. It includes his all time best Dirty Harry line and has a great finale at an amusement park. "The Dead Pool" ends the series with some great wit and action, including a unique car chase with a little remote control car. Add Jim Carrey as a doped up out of his mind rock muscician (using Guns 'N' Roses Welcome To The Jungle as his own song) and what more could you ask for? (Editorial Review)

The Dirty Harry Collection-DVD!

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