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The 6th Day DVDThe 6th Day DVD : I'm a big Arnold Schwarzenegger fan so when The 6th Day arrived in my local video store i immediatly picked it up. Now I know Arnold is getting too old for the action movies he was in during the 80's like predator and Commando but that doesn't mean he's lost his touch. He's just as good in this as all his older movies. This time the plot involves something that is really happening in our world and what would happen if it was in the hands of somebody who would abuse it or use as a means to kill or blackmail others. But when an assanation of an important person occurs, the corporation decides to cover it up by cloning the people killed. Unfortunaly the pilot who was supposed to fly the plane left to take care of his daughters dog. So Now there are two Adam Gibson's (Arnold Schwarzenegger) running around, and now the corporation is hunting them down to destroy either one or both of them. Arnold does a good job in this one, having more personality than his previous movie End of Days and is somewhat more intelligent rather than get a gun and start blowing things up, he builds homemade bombs and uses himself as a decoy.The special effects are the best i've ever seen in a movie, and the music beats great with the action. Although yes it's still not as good as Terminator 2 it's good entertainment all the same. (Editorial Review)

The 6th Day-DVD!

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