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Swordfish DVDSwordfish DVD : I don't really like the action-for-the-sake-of-action flicks and I had also read all the reviews that completely trashed Swordfish, so I normally I wouldn't have seen Swordfish. However, after a friend of mine had convinced me to give it a shot I was pleasantly surprised - the movie is actually pretty good. Here is the plot: the best computer hacker (Hugh Jackman) in the world is manipulated, by using his daughter as a bait, into helping a wealthy terrorist (John Travolta)to steal 10 billion dollars from the federal government. Nonetheless, very soon the hacker starts realizing that the situation is not what it appears to be, and he desperately tries to get his daughter back without getting killed, and to make big bucks while at it. To make the things worse Travolta's character's plan to steal the money includes holding 25 hostages and he is very determined to get the money regardless of the casualties. Obviously, this is not a 'deep and profound' film aspiring to convey important issues or lofty ideas - it's just a very good action film, very entertaining, and is definitely worth watching on the big screen because of the amazing special effects. The acting, if not great, is still very reasonable for an action film. Halle Berry's character adds some charm to the plot and together with Travolta and Jackman they make a great team. The bottom line - Swordfish is much better than the reviews that it got, and is definitely worth seeing. (Editorial Review)


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